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February 18, 2018 - Video Update

Please continue to pray for us and take a moment or two to catch up on our latest news through our video updates.  The most recent updates can be viewed by clicking the links below.




JKI Video Update

Video Update

2018, Off to a Good Start

Our daughter, Sara, and family came from China to spend a few weeks in Texas.  We had a great time (but too short) with Sara and David, but the most fun (of course) was with the granddaughters.  After they returned to China, we returned to Managua.

-Our music academy project is progressing, but has a ways to go to be self-sustaining.

-The new church is showing results and more community projects are planned.

-The Tipitapa church (Pastor Martin) building is complete and the body is growing, 

-We hope there is little need for us as Rapid Response Chaplains, but we are ready when called.


Our hearts were broken to see the news about the horrible events in Florida last week.  It reminds us that evil is active in our world and we need to get even busier (in the U.S. and elsewhere) in sharing the gospel of Christ.  


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Watch for More News in Our Upcoming Video Updates

2018 will bring new challenges as we continue ministry in Nicaragua. In addition to the Practically Speaking English events we pray that these new projects will give us new outlets for the gospel.




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