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Trisha's Tidbits and Treasures
February 20, 2016



One of My Small Treasures


Take a look around you. Really. Stop for a minute. I know you're busy. But, just for a minute, take a look around you. What do you see? Do you see anything for which you are grateful? If that wasn't your first thought, then think about this. God shows us that even the smallest of things are important to Him.

"In fact, he even counts every hair on your head!"      Luke 12:7 (NIRV)

But we tend to put God in a box. Rather than thinking of Him in the grain of sand, we think of the whole beach or instead of the drop of water, the whole ocean. Don't miss God by neglecting to take the time to see the small things. Then cherish them and stitch them together in your heart.

Take another minute to pray and ask God to make you grateful for the big and small things.

Enjoy one of my small treasures:


In the top photograph is the fence in our yard in Nicaragua.  It is a concrete block fence, but part of it has vines growing on it. At the top is barbed wire. Look closely. Up on the top of the barbed wire is an avocado.

The bottom photograph is a close-up of my special avocado. The avocado fell onto the fence from a tree in the yard behind our house.

God gave it to me.

My avocado on the razor wire.


Close-up of my avocado on the razor wire.

Close-up of my avocado on the razor wire.



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