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Just Like He Said He Would

April 2, 2015


The world is in a mess! 

    Just like He said it would be. 

We are hated because of His name! 

    Just like He said we would be. 

Many have turned away and abandoned Him for the world! 

    Just like He said they would. 

Sin is celebrated, right living is denigrated! 

    Just like He said would happen.

But we should not despair,
    in fact we should rejoice because

He is the King of Kings.  

    Just like He said He always has been. 

He is the sacrificial Lamb. 

    Just like He said He would be for us. 

He died for our sins. 

    Just like He said He would. 

He defeated death and rose again. 

    Just like He said He would. 

He forgives and saves. 

    Just like He said He would. 

He lives forever and ever to be our advocate and Lord! 


This Easter, tell someone about our King.

Jody and Trisha


About Jody Kennedy International


Jody Kennedy International* is the ministry of Jody and Trisha Kennedy who have given themselves to serving Christ through full-time Christian service.  In partnership with churches in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Latin America, the ministry motivates and mobilizes Christians to get out of their comfort zones to take the gospel of Christ across the street and around the world.

We are supported by the generous gifts of our friends, team members, and partners.  Contributions are tax deductible and are used to support the ministries of Jody Kennedy International.   

*Jody Kennedy International/LOVEM International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.



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