Nadiehzda Aguado Update 

February 17, 2013



  Nadi is making improvement week by week.  She spends the week days at the therapy hospital and goes home to her family for the weekends. She has improved greatly but she is still very ill and will be receiving physical therapy for at least the next year.


-The feeding tube and trache tube are out and she is able to eat food that has been pureed.  They are trying to get her weight back up so she can get stronger.


-She is able to speak a little although she uses simple, single words and very short phrases.


-She was able to have some x-rays and MRI and see a very good neurologist.  He was encouraging but did not give any range of how much she might recover.  In May the neurologist will give her an examination and do some testing that will tell us more.


-Some of you have made donations that have allowed us to help Nadi get some of these things and help the family.  Thank you.  It is especially thrilling to receive wonderful gifts from those that have never met this wonderful young women.  For example, someone who has never met Nadi gave enough to allow us to get her the x-rays, MRI and consultations with the neurologist.  


  If you are led to help Nadi financially, you can donate at our web site ( or send a check to our PO Box 6802, Fort Worth, TX  76115. 


  Many of you know her personally and I know all of you will join us in lifting her up in prayer, asking for healing of this bright young woman.  She has devoted her life to the ministry of the gospel and wants nothing less than that God be glorified. 


Praying together,


Jody and Trisha Kennedy


Jody Kennedy International 


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