Nadiehzda Aguado Update 

January 27, 2013


  I had the chance to visit Nadi at the physical therapy hospital.  She is bed bound, but they get her into a wheel chair where she can sit up.  She cannot talk or eat by mouth but she is awake and able to communicate somewhat by gestures.   


  She has improved greatly but she is still very ill and will be receiving physical therapy for at least the next year.  The next day after our visit she went back home and will continue physical therapy by commuting to the hospital.


  Her mother is with her constantly and Nadi will continue to need constant care.  Her mother and family need our prayers as they care for Nadi in their home.  With some of the money that has been donated, the family purchased a hospital bed for Nadi to have at home.  The family must buy all the medicines, special food (for feeding by feeding tube) and any special equipment and supplies and transportation to and from the hospital. 


  If you are led to help Nadi financially, you can donate at our web site ( or send a check to our PO Box 6802, Fort Worth, TX  76115. 


  Many of you know her personally and I know all of you will join us in lifting her up in prayer, asking for healing of this bright young woman.  She has devoted her life to the ministry of the gospel and wants nothing less than that God be glorified. 


Praying together,


Jody and Trisha Kennedy


Jody Kennedy International 


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