Nadiehzda Aguado Seriously Injured in Accident


Our dear friend and ministry partner, Nadiehzda Aguado (Nadi), was injured yesterday when she was struck by a vehicle.  She is in intensive care in the Lenin Fonseca Hospital in Managua.  The reports we have so far is that she has broken ribs and that she is unconscious due to swelling in her brain as a result of the blow to her head.  Surgery is planned for later this morning (about 11 CST). 


Many of you know her personally and I know all of you will join us in lifting her up in prayer, asking for healing of this bright young woman.  She has devoted her life to the ministry of the gospel and wants nothing less than that God be glorified. 




As you know, I'm not too big on using Facebook, but I will try to post updates there as I get reports from Managua.  Other friends of Nadi are posting to Facebook so you might check there for the current situation. 


Praying together,


Jody and Trisha Kennedy


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