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Lord, What Are You Up To Now?

April 9, 2012


Just when we think we know what we are to do for the coming years, the Lord challenges us to take a fresh look at "our plans".  Lord, what are you up to now?


Our home and car in Managua were supposed to make us more efficient and effective with our current work load.  Now we just have more work.  Lord, what are you up to now?


We are now being invited to not only bring teams for our Practically Speaking English courses, but to provide our church partners with some seminars, training, conferences and other events and resources.  Lord, what are you up to now?


Then we were visited by our dear friend and mission partner, Joe Wilson, who shares a vision with us to begin a church planting movement among the university age adults in Managua.  We plan to be an ingredient in that mission.  Lord, what are you up to now?


I can see that our expenses will be increasing, but our donations have not increased (yet).  Lord, what are you up to now?  


Lord, what are you up to now? 



He is up to the Father's business, as He has been from eternity past.  Reaching the lost is His business.  Saving the condemned is His business.  Stretching His people to join Him in the Father's business, is His business.

Please consider joining Him and us in the Father's business. 

Pray for us.  Go with us.  GIve to us.



We look back on 2011 in our 2011 Review that can be found by clicking here.  Please take a moment and read it.  As you read, take the opportunity to praise to our Lord and Savior for all He did last year.



80+ Say "Yes" in Estelí, Nicaragua

Our team of teachers from Florida and Texas and our partners from Managua made the 3 hour trip northward to the city of Estelí to work in the Open Door Baptist Church.

God is our anchor 

An adult class in Estelí.  (Click on the image to view our photo gallery from Estelí.) 

This would be the first Practically Speaking English event in that city.  We attracted hundreds of children, teenagers and adults to our English course.  Daily attendance held steady with almost 200 children, about 100 teenagers and more than 100 adults.

In the end, Pastor Clemente and his church have hundreds of new families to visit, including 80+ teens and adults who said "yes" to Christ during our evangelistic English course.

We are already planning a return trip to Estelí for an evangelistic event such as family movie night.



Our 2012 Outlook (continued)
We are challenging ourselves, and you, to reach more people with the gospel in 2012 than in any previous year. 

We have already completed five evangelism event in 2012.  More than 250 adults and teens have said "yes" to Christ.  By any measure, God has given us a great start in the new year.  So, once again, we have a full calendar with lots more events planned in Nicaragua and elsewhere.


Each year we are able to reach about 2000 adults and 2000 children with the gospel. In the time the Lord allows us to continue our work, we hope to reach that many and more this year.


This year we plan to begin a church planting movement among the university students of Managua.  Joe Wilson is the most expert church planter that we know and we will be working with him in this movement. We have worked with him for years in Eastern Europe and Russia.


This year we are adding paid staff to our work in Nicaragua. As we identify Nicaraguan Christians who are called to full-time service, we want to be able to pay them a monthly stipend to assist us in expanding our work there.


This year we hope to add "micro-events" in support of our partner churches. These will be evangelistic outreaches to the communities. For example: pastor training, family and marriage seminars, discipleship seminars and evangelism training.  If you are interested in teaching or facilitating one of these "micro-events', please contact us. 


2012 Financial Needs

  • a 15-passenger van  
  • a video projector  
  • rent on the Nica house  
  • Nicaragua staff  
  • pastor assistance  
  • discipleship material  
  • church planting  
  • fuel ($6/gallon) in Nicaragua  
  • volunteer scholarships  
  • portable piano keyboards (thank you Lee Monroe for the first electronic piano keyboard)
  • notebook computers 



Our 2012 Schedule Is Now Available
Don't put it off - schedule now! 

NOTE:  Due to rising airfares, we need commitments much sooner than in years past.  To facilitate this requirement, we have reduced the deposit amount and made the sign up deadline earlier.  See the event schedule (click here) for the specific dates.

We need doctors, nurses, PA's, pharmacists and other medical professionals to staff our medical teams.  Please help us get the word out.  Contact us right away.           





Check Out Video Library 

Check out our video channels for a library of our videos from past missions.  The easiest way is to click on the camera above or click here




Featured Video



Nicaragua Experience by Gina D.

Nicaragua Experience by Gina D.



Nica traveloguePhotos from completed 2011 and 2012 missions are available. 
Click here for Nicaragua.
Click here for Russia. 


There is no other way to say it.  We need financial support.  Our needs for 2012 are greater than in any previous year.

  • a 15-passenger van  
  • a video projector  
  • rent on the Nica house  
  • Nicaragua staff salaries   
  • pastor assistance  
  • discipleship material  
  • church planting funds   
  • fuel ($6/gallon) in Nicaragua  
  • volunteer scholarships  
  • portable keyboards (piano)
  • notebook computers 

Donations in any amount are welcome.  No donation is too small or too large to be used to reach the lost through the work God has given us to do. 


God is our anchor 

Click the "donate" button for a safe and secure donation by credit card 

send a check to
Jody Kennedy International
PO Box 6802
Fort Worth, TX  76115


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God is our anchor
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Jody Kennedy International* is the ministry of Jody and Trisha Kennedy who have given themselves to serving Christ through full-time Christian service.  In partnership with churches in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Latin America, the ministry motivates and mobilizes Christians to get out of their comfort zones to take the gospel of Christ across the street and around the world.

We are supported by the generous gifts of our friends, team members, and partners.  Contributions are tax deductible and are used to support the ministries of Jody Kennedy International.

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