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Why Did the Chickens Cross the Road?

July 17, 2011


Why did the chickens cross the road? 












To get to the Practically Speaking English class, of course.  But alas, we were not at all successful in teaching the chickens any English.  They continued to insist on speaking only Spanish, unlike our featherless students who took to English like ducks to water (pardon the avian puns).   Having failed to fully comprehend the advantages of learning English, the chickens did become an important component in the "indio viejo" project.  They were delicious! 


The third in our series of five Practically Speaking Events this summer was hosted by our newest partner church, Iglesia Bautista Betania (Bethany Baptist Church).  Read the full report below. 




Iglesia Bautista Betania (Bethany Baptist Church) Cuidad Sandino, NI 


Here is the text of an email I received just yesterday from one of the adult students from our most recent mission.


"Hello Jody,

I believe you are still in Nicaragua doing your wonderful job. My name is Ricardo and I was in Teds class, during the week of July 4th.


It was good listening your message. I accepted jesus during that week and that was very important to my life. I wish you have the strengh to continue doing this job for ever.



I also want to ask you to intercede before jesus on my behalf because I do not want to walk the road of the sinners. Please pray for me. I need a job, I need money to pay my bills. I know he can give a job but will I be good? will I be strong to be on the right path? that is what I want. I want to stay away from the sin.


Jody may be god blessing you for ever."


Representing Hulen Street Baptist Church of Fort Worth, Texas and Retta Baptist Church of Burleson, Texas the team took on the daunting task of executing five daily events.  Two events of Practically Speaking English (PSE) for Children, two events of PSE for teens and an evening PSE event for adults made for some very long days.  Nonetheless, the team gave the same great energy to the adults at the end of the day as they did the children at the first event of the day.  


The result was simply amazing. 310+ children and dozens  of parents, 150+ teens and 100+ adults came into the church each day to be touched by our marvelous team of teachers and church partners.  Of the adults and teens, almost 80 marked "yes" on their personal survey, indicating that they had accepted Christ as their savior. 


What is keeping you from getting in on being a blessing and being blessed like this?  Prayerfully consider a mission with us during 2012.   Check our web site often for the project dates and the deadlines for signing on. 



Pray for Our Remaining Teams This Summer
We have two more events before we return to Texas.

July 18-22 University of Managua
July 24-31 Canaan Baptist Church


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Nica traveloguePhotos from the recent missions in Nicaragua (Hermon, U de M, and Betania) are available.  Click here.


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