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2 Behind, 3 Ahead

July 2, 2011

The summer is really just getting started yet we have already completed two events in Managua, Nicaragua.  The next team arrive
d yesterday (Saturday) and we went directly to the next venue - Bethany Baptist Church in Ciudad Sandino on the western edge of Managua.


This will be our first time to work with this church, but we have had some of their folks on our teams (Juan, our keyboard player and sometimes translator and Joshua and Gabriela who worked with us on the recent medical team).


So, we feel right at home in this new place.  Of course it isall be new to the team that just arrived.


After this week's event there are still two more to go before we wrap up another summer in Nicaragua.  Keep praying for us and our teams as we carry the gospel to hundreds of children, teens and adults in the coming weeks. 



Our Report Thus Far

The team from Normandale Baptist Church in far western Fort Worth joined us for a great week at one of our favorite churches, Hermon Baptist Church in eastern Managua.  Pastor Armando and his church team were wonderful hosts and we saw more than 40 teenagers and adults come to the Lord.


with the arrival of a different team, we then shifted our focus to the campus of University of Managua (U de M) where we used the eight daily Practically Speaking English classes to see another 40 adults invite Jesus into their lives.  Retta Baptist Church in Burleson, Texas sent a wonderful couple to be with us during this week of special focus.  They were excellent ministry partners and they encouraged us tremendously. 


The photos from the U de M event have been published, but I am still working on the photos from the Hermon event, so be patient. 



Pray for Our Remaining Teams This Summer
We have five different events with five different teams now through August 1. 
The first event begins tomorrow (Sunday), so get to praying.  Here's the schedule of events.
Jun 12-19 Hermon Baptist Church - Managua
Jun 20-25 University of Managua
Jull 03-10-Bethany Baptist Church - Ciudad Sandino (Managua)
July 18-22 University of Managua (again)
July 24-31 Canaan Baptist Church 


Nica traveloguePhotos from the recent missions in Nicaragua are available.  Click here.



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