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Bet You Can't Guess

April 8, 2011


Starring in one of my favorite TV shows is a rather unlovable character who over time reveals a softer side that hints at the true character of the actor.  This gruff and loud portrayal hides the fact that the man himself was reported to be gentle, kind and likable.  Use the clues at the end of this article and take a guess (without using Google or Bing or some other web tools).

We just spent a week at one of the great churches in Texas where we were encouraged, loved, prayed for, challenged and then encouraged some more.  Our sweet hosts, who opened their home to us, were clearly not "acting".  They extended to us an honest and authentic hospitality that refreshed us in our perspective.  Thank you Great Hills Baptist Church of Austin, Texas.

As if that was not blessing enough, our dearest friends happened to be in Austin at the same time and they went to the trouble to connect with us for a few hours that added sweetness and blessing to an already blessed time.  Thank you God for encouragers.

Now, read on for the clues to the name of the actor.

He ... 

Started acting in Nashville, TN and was a radio announcer during World War II

Graduated cum laude from Columbia University in dramatic arts

Was a Black Belt in Judo

While serving in the U.S. Army in WWII, he distinguished himself by taking part in 14 assault landings, including Leyte, Luzon, Bataan and Corregidor

In an interesting turnaround, the actor whose best known role was playing a Marine sergeant, could not pass the Marine Corps. physical during WWII and ended up serving in the Army.


What was the actor's name and what was his most famous role?


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M+A+S+H in Nicaragua
April 8, 2011

Our M+A+S+H team is making preparations to take some tender care to the people of Masatepe, Nicaragua, April 30 - May 8. 

It's too late to join the team, but not too late to help us with the expense of buying medicines and supplies.

We will debut a method of evangelism that will be different than the methods used by medical teams in the past (as far as we know and have been told).  We pray that this new approach will result in life changing  relationships with Jesus Christ and also lasting relationships with our host church, Iglesia Nuevo Horizonte and Pastor Martin Paiz.

Click here or on the M.A.S.H symbol to the right to help us with expenses.



Reports: University of Managua and Iglesia Nuevo Horizonte - Masatepe, Nicaragua
April 14, 2011

As we grieved the passing of our dear friend and partner, Benjamin Quant, we were reminded that he was happily in heaven to spend eternity with the Lord he loves.  We were reminded to focus on the tasks at hand, in particular, the missions at the University of Managua (U de M) and in the city of Masatepe so that others would hear the gospel and have the same opportunity to fellowship with Christ for eternity.

Our group of four spent a week teaching our Practically Speaking English curriculum to 100+ university students on the campus of U de M.  Relationships formed, friendships were fashioned and the gospel went forth.

During the next week, about an hour south of Managua, in the town of Masatepe, the team from Retta Baptist Church (Burleson, TX) taught the English course to teenagers and adults and spent some mornings at nearby elementary schools.  The gospel went out once again and lives were changed by the power of His Word. 

Between U de M and Nuevo Horizonte in Masatape, 110+ people indicated a "yes" to the Lord.  At the schools and during our Sunday Celebration event, uncounted others responded to the gospel and gave their lives to Christ.

We have a full schedule of events through July at churches and at the University of Managua in Nicaragua.  We need you to join us.  Remember, you represent 45 - 60 people that will hear the gospel because you say yes to joining us.

Take a look at our travelogue photo's here



2011 Event Schedule
For more details about any event, visit the Event Schedule online and click the information linkfor each event.PSE    - Practically Speaking English

PSBE - Practically Speaking Business English

PSCE  - Practically Speaking Children's English

MED - Evangelism through medical/dental clinics

PSTE  - Practically Speaking Teen English

OCC  - Operation Christmas Child Processing Center

U de M - University of Managua   


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