Thanksgiving Verses
In this wonderful Psalm, take a look at the action words.  See them?  "give", "call", "make known", "sing", "tell", "glory", "let", "rejoice", "look" and "seek".

Now, take a look at the objects of those actions.  Almost all the actions are directed at "the Lord".  All but one.  See it?  The "let" points to the "hearts of those who seek".  The Psalm writer was inspired to remind us that we have "let", or "allow" ourselves (and others) to do what?  REJOICE!  When we direct our thanksgiving, our dependence, our praise, our song, our vision and life toward Him - we just have to REJOICE!  This holiday, don't just say "Thanks".  Let your heart REJOICE!

Why not read this Psalm along with your Thanksgiving prayer.

With thanksgiving and rejoicing, Trisha and I are prayerfully wishing you Happy Thanksgiving!
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