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Jody Kennedy International
America's Got Talent
June 9, 2010

That popular TV series, "America's Got Talent", showcases the broad range of "talent" that people of all ages and backgrounds are willing to display before a national audience.  Some are amazingly entertaining while others are just plain weird, or worse.  Some of the least talented acts are there because someone, perhaps a friend or family member, told them they were talented.  Regardless, each participant came to the conclusion embodied by the phrase, "I can do that". 

As Christians, we all too often reach the opposite conclusion.  When faced with the opportunity to exercise our God given gifts and talents, we simply say, "I can't do that".  The reality is that God has given us gifts to be used in His service.  To say "I can't do that" in response to God's prompting is not only disobedient, but it calls God a liar.

Looking back on the times when I have said to God, "I can't do that", I wonder how many blessings I have forgone and how many blessings I have withheld from others.  We don't have to exercise our talents before a national audience.  But, our heavenly audience is waiting to see us act in faith and say, "I can do that".


Practically Speaking English Training and Orientation

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hulen Street Baptist Church
7100 S. Hulen Street
Fort Worth, TX  76133

9:00am to 1:00pm

Everyone is welcome to attend and learn how this powerful evangelism tool is used to reach hundreds during each event.

Those already committed to a trip during 2010 should attend, especially those preparing for the July 3 trip.

Send an email to or call us at 817-944-2288 and let us know you are coming.

About Jody Kennedy International

Jody Kennedy International* is the ministry of Jody and Trisha Kennedy who have given themselves to serving Christ through full-time Christian service.  In partnership with churches in the U.S., Eastern Europe, and Latin America, the ministry motivates and mobilizes Christians to get out of their comfort zones to take the gospel of Christ across the street and around the world.

We are supported  by the generous gifts of our friends, team members, readers and partners.  Contributions are tax deductible and are used to support the ministries of Jody Kennedy International.

*Jody Kennedy International/LOVEM International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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